My Style Evolution

 Today I’m talking about my style evolution. The above is my current style. The most right outfit being taken just last week. Do you ever get lost in your own brain as you think about how your styled has transformed over the years? Because that’s what I’m about to do.

From grades Kindergarten to senior year in high school it was all uniforms everyday, and as you can imagine, it was difficult to gather a sense of style. Honest to God, I knew I loved fashion because of Rachel Green from Friends. She always talked about her job as a buyer for Bloomingdales then Merchandising Manager at Ralph Lauren and hearing her talk about it all sounded like it was a place for me. I heard a real-life fashion buyer speak at a career week and I heard her describe things I wanted and I knew fashion was the industry I wanted to find a career in. It was then I started cementing my own sense of style. It was rough going trying to find my style in a college prep school full of plaid skirts, white polos, and school-embroidered socks, but I subscribed to magazines like Vogue, Teen Vogue, Instyle; would look at fashion websites on our family computer, and even read books from the library. College came and with my newfound independence (and my own car), I was able to start expressing myself every day. I missed the sense of security of a uniform, but loved building a closet that was an unfiltered version of me.

Now getting to the juicy stuff. I dug through old photos and the farthest back I could find were outfit photos from around 2008-2009. These early photos blend together during those 2 years. Since I didn’t have a very organized photo system then, I am not totally sure which photos belong to which year.

I stared at these photos for a really long time that I honestly don’t think I look bad at all considering these are almost 10 years old (or maybe I just adjusted to my face?). That green dress look got me featured on Popsugar and I honestly can’t believe it since there are all those wrinkles on it! It was one of my first vintage finds and I had to stop wearing it once I gained a little weight. Dresses and skirts were my favorite then and it’s something that hasn’t changed since, but with the fashion world finally embracing silhouettes other than skinny, I am started to see a change of pattern today.

Observing some 2011 looks, I feel like I took a more conservative meets boho route. I was really into necklaces and formed a major collection of costume jewelry and even made my own. I remember loving blazers and loafers mostly because I thought those classic pieces would give me that adult and grown up look. I still wear pretty much the exact looks that are to the most left and most right. I was very much a bargain hunter during these years. I frequented thrift stores, vintage stores, and even shopped in the kids section at certain stores. Definitely was on that post college budget!

Oddly couldn’t find anything in 2012, so these are from 2013-2014. It’s when we started seeing the rise of Instagram, which is why I started taking outfit photos again. I still have those white platforms I remember wearing them all the time after I bought them. They made me feel like a Spice Girl. During these years, I only documented my outfits on special occasions because that was when I put in the most effort 😉.

And that pretty much leads us to today with the above photos being 2016-2017. With the rise of posting outfit photos on social media and becoming a bit more confident in challenging fashion, outfit photos started becoming a regular thing for me, or at least as regular as I could someone to take them for me. 
From 2009 on, I don’t see too much change. I’ve refined things here and there and definitely added a lot more color. Although, I should probably get someone to analyze things since I clearly have a bias. I do feel I can safely say that I can’t recall any “wtf” fashion moments within the last 10 years. Those high school years were brutal though. Of course there are hits and misses within those 10 years, but as I dug for photos, there are still some pieces I wore 10 years ago that I still have active in my closet today leading me to believe I’ve done a pretty good job transitioning my wardrobe!
Going forward, I am satisfied with my current wardrobe, but a girl always has her never-ending wishlist! I do want to start adding more sustainable fashion into my closet. If you have any affordable recommendations, leave them in the comments below! And I want to start putting more focus on higher quality pieces! 

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