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I recently went on a quick getaway up to the Pacific Northwest, more specifically Portland, Oregon. It was only a 3-day trip, but well worth it. Since it was just a quick trip, I packed SUPER light and I tend to over pack. I don’t travel often, but I feel like I’ve improved quite a bit and this one was such a challenge. When packing for a trip, I like to generally plan out my outfits for each day then make adjustments on the day of depending on the weather and occasion. You will find me writing out a list about a week before and go on editing it until I start actually packing. For this 3 day trip, I stuffed everything in my little backpack from Target and a tote bag!


Jeans: Pistola from Stitch Fix | Top: coca | Jacket: TargetxHunter | Boots: Sam Edelman | Sunglasses: Sunnies Studios
We arrived in the early morning and since we couldn’t check in to our Airbnb until the afternoon, I knew my outfit had to nicely transition into one I could wear around town. I went as classic as possible with my most comfortable denim, striped shirt, my everyday jacket for the trip, which was a knit moto jacket, then added a yellow scarf because I thought I was missing some color. On our first day, we stopped by Target to pick up some other essentials and it was here my eyes spotted the Hunter for Target collection. As soon as those previews came out, I knew I wanted this green varsity jacket, but was unsuccessful in finding it at any of my local Targets. Needless to say, I was thrilled spotting it here in Oregon!


Dress: Zara | Jacket: Liverpool via Stitch Fix | Scarf: The Philippines | Bag: Arashi Are you happy? Tour 2016-2017

For some reason, this dress from Zara is one of my favorites, especially while traveling (which I need to state, is not something I do often, but it has come with me on 2 winter trips to Japan and this Portland getaway). It layers nicely, gives me a little color, and is super comfortable. I paired it with tights because despite it being warm by Portland standards, I was cold.


Sweater: Stitch Fix | Jeans: Pistola from Stitch Fix | Jacket: Liverpool

With an early checkout and a late flight, this was another outfit I knew I had to nicely transition into a plane look. Due to space, I kept with the same jeans from Day 1 with my cut out sweater and the same jacket. When I checked the weather before leaving it said this day would be the coldest, which is why I planned for a knitted sweater. Since it looked like an edgier look, I went with a dark lip to go along with it.

This trip was super quick and according to our Airbnb host, we hit up pretty much the important stops like the Japanese Garden, Pioneer Square, Powell’s Books, Hawthorne Blvd., Division St., etc. I loved getting away for a quick trip. It was such a challenge, fashion-wise since, to me, the weather seemed a little unpredictable turned out to be great though!), and I chose to fit everything plus souvenirs inside a little backpack.

Where was your last quick getaway?


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  • Carine , Direct link to comment

    Fukuoka lol! That was my last quick trip and I remember freaking out about what to wear in a cold climate. Ended up living in this yellow coat from Zara and a handful of knits.

    Love your outfits btw, especially that yellow scarf! And that striped Zara dress is super cute.

  • ALYSSA , Direct link to comment

    <3Japan! It's so tricky for us warm-blooded gals dressing for the colder weather!

    And thanks! The yellow scarf had been tucked away for like a year. I'm glad it got some screen time!

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