Summer Wishlist

While still officially spring in the Northern Hemisphere, I feel like most here are starting to feel that summer heat. It is feeling warm down here in Orange County and it’s making me realize I am missing some of the warm-weather essentials! I’ve put together my summer wishlist of items that are either missing from my wardrobe or are in need of an update. I tried to keep things as concise as possible, but this list will totally grow along with the season.

1. Everlane – The Wide Leg Crop Pant in Ochre
Now that skinny jeans are on their way out, I can fully embrace the wider leg styles and these are 97% cotton and just look super comfortable and lightweight! Plus they’re a color of pant I don’t have.
2. Target – A New Day Boater Hat
I’ve been on the hunt for a boater hat for a while now and this one just fits the bill. I’m going to need to make a Target run to find this ASAP!
3. People Tree – Mara top
The shade of blue is so fresh yet vibrant and will look lovely with the ochre color of those wide leg pants.
4. Everlane – The V Slingback in Light Tan Woven
These reminded me of a pair of shoes my mom used to have that I always wanted but my feet were too big. They’re a little retro and perfect for summer.
5. CLOUDY – Basket bag in yellow with red and blue square
I love that straw bags are up and coming. I’m not a fan that most of them tend to look a little *too* simple for my own personal taste. That’s why I love this one by Japanese brand, Cloudy. It has a fun pop of color!
6. Target – Mad Love Keava Footbed Sandal ; I definitely realized I have no sandals for summer and I recently saw someone make a review on a similar style from Target and I want them!

I’m going on a no-spend month this May, but these are all on my exceptions list lol!


02 comments on “Summer Wishlist

  • Carine , Direct link to comment

    I am sooooo happy that skinny jeans are no longer on trend. I love wide leg trousers!

    Also, I desperately want that CLOUDY basket bag. You chose the same colourway I like too lol

  • ALYSSA , Direct link to comment

    Lol they're on the out for me. Since it took me like a million years to find ones that actually fit, I'll still be wearing them from time to time. But it's such a pleasure to see other cuts being embraced!!

    And that basket bag! I would totally carry any of them, but looking through the colors I was drawn to that colorway! 😀

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