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I’m throwing this one out before the end of summer. I can see it’s starting to cool down in a lot of the country, but hello Southern California has a mind of its own and its still warm! Yup I’ll be wearing this linen dress for a while and I have my plans for how to style it in the fall, so stay tuned for a follow-up post next season! Normally, as it says in the title, you’ll see a 1 piece styled 3 ways, but I was feeling extra one of the days I wore this piece and was able to mix things up into a 4th look, so you’ll find 4 today!

This free size 100% linen dress is from Japanese brand, Moussy, which I bought during my damage spree on my layover in June (quick explanation here). I feel like, for the most part, a lot of petites tend to stray away from maxi styles because there is a high possibility of all the fabric overwhelming a smaller frame. As for me, I love a maxi style. And I should be honest when I saw this piece in the store, I didn’t even bother trying it on. It’s good to know your own proportions sometimes! I also knew while I was shopping in Japan right before summer that I wanted something linen. Summers are quite brutal over there yet they always know how to dress so stylishly and modestly. I knew they’re a country who knows they’re stuff when it comes to linen clothing, so I went for it.


Shorts: H&M | Red bathing suit: Wal-mart | Sandals: Target | Bag: Arashi 「untitled」Tour

Thanks to the button downs, this dress can fully function as a light layer and I turned it into a cover-up as I went to the pool this summer. At one point my sister asked me “aren’t you hot” and I said “no way!” because the linen kept me nice and breezy.


Styled slightly differently on the same day. I wore it as a sort of top. While changing out of my wet bathing suit I reached into my bag and realized I had forgotten a top yet brought everything else. So I basically had no choice but to improvise with this dress. Thankful to the buttons, I styled it with just a few buttoned at the top.


Top: Papermoon | Jeans: Pistola | Mules: Target | Bag: the Philippines

This was a super simple look I threw on for going to church on a Sunday afternoon. It’s pretty self-explanatory and I remember wanting something a little extra that wasn’t just your typical “jeans and tank” outfit.


Finally here is the shirt dress worn as a shirt dress. I have it all buttoned up and styled it with some cuffs on the sleeves to give it a better proportion.
If you’re a petite and tend to stray away from the maxi style, take it from this 4’11” gal and just go for it! Certain maxi cuts can elongate and totally flatter the frame. With the right styling of shoes and accessories, maxi styles can work in your favor!

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