4 Reasons to take Risks with Your Style

Do you ever come across those posts titled “8 Fashion Risks You Need to Take Now!”? I’m sure you have seen multitudes of them. After doing a quick Google search, these posts are never really conclusive as to “why” or “for whom” they chose these risks. Those articles telling you what fashion risks you need to take are definitely not for everyone. They are awfully general and are mostly directed at women who are probably already risk-takers when it comes to how they dress anyway. For the everyday gal, these posts can be pretty intimidating and can insight some fear into experimenting with new styles and trends. For the everyday gal, stepping out of your jeans and tee comfort zone and into a satin slip dress and moto jacket takes courage and determination.

There will be people across the globe who have settled with labeling their own style, from preppy to bohemian to girl, but we are each our own person. Various factors, including being fashion risky, in each individual, will differentiate Preppy Person A from Preppy Person B. Some are hesitant to experiment, while others are open to it. This hesitancy tends to come from fear. Fear of judgment and criticisms from others. Fear that you’ll be called out for being “ugly” or “wearing the wrong thing”. What you wear should not be at the will of others. While it’s important you stick to what you are most comfortable wearing, being experimental every now and then, is just as important. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to taking a risk in fashion. You are taking a risk if you choose flats over your everyday sneakers or you reach for a skirt instead of jeans. A fashion risk is as risky as you make it out to be.

Now if you haven’t noticed I am all about the “why”. So here I am giving you the “why”. I do my best to give my own reasons why it’s important to take a step out of the comfort zone once in a while when it comes to your own style.

1. Discovery of new styles/discovery of your own closet
Have you ever said, “I don’t have anything to wear”? The next time you go shopping because you know you will after saying this, take on a new trend you have always wanted to try, but were too scared to. Or shop your own closet and mix and match in ways you didn’t think possible. The outcome is most likely you will discover something you didn’t think you looked good in or you will discover something in your closet you forgot you had!

2. Exposure to different types of style
This ties in with point 1 and I also touched on this in my previous post about Judging vs Critiquing Fashion, but overall this point means your eyes become witness to more fashion than before. You become privy to bolder combinations, more colors, different silhouettes–all styles you probably didn’t think possible. Maybe you won’t wear them yourself, but you now know they exist and someone out there is wearing them.

3. Personal Growth
This point is going to get a little lengthy.

I do stand by my belief that the way we dress a form of personal expression, but I believe it’s also more than just that. The clothes we put on our bodies or the way we choose to accessorize describes our own narratives, which I touched on in my Personal Style post a while back. Each piece you wear is part of your fashion narrative and with risks, you can challenge yourself to create a new narrative.

Since we wear clothes every day, it’s easy to find a routine look. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is like riding a rollercoaster. It’s not something you do every day, but you get this rush of adrenaline. You walk out feeling a bit nauseated, but overall refreshed with the thrill of doing something new. Taking a bold step when it comes to fashion is just like that. You’re doing something new and refreshing, which can expose you to different mindsets as well as bring out different aspects of yourself.

4. It’s fun!
Last but not least, taking on an experimental style or doing something a little different is FUN! As fashion should be! Many people hold back because there is this fear of judgment. Those whispers in your ear of “what if people look at me?”, just swat them away because what matters is you are comfortable and willing to try new things! Don’t fear judgment by others. Know your occasion, know your audience, wear what you want, and roll with it.

In retrospect to this article, I seem to make taking a risk with your own personal fashion a serious piece of business, but for the most part, fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We wear what we wear and we roll with it. A fashion risk can be as little or big as you make it out to be.

Thank you for reading! Comment below with any thoughts or feedback!


06 comments on “4 Reasons to take Risks with Your Style

  • Unknown , Direct link to comment

    I used to say things like, "I'd never be able to pull this off" before when it comes to certain styles. But after actually trying them on myself, I saw that they looked really nice. So yes, totally with you on this!

  • ALYSSA , Direct link to comment

    Exactly! I feel like too many people miss out on different styles because they like to play things safe, but just like you said, you'll never know if you don't try! Thanks for commenting!

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