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Here’s a fluffy post for ya! A what’s in my purse post! I honestly love seeing what people carry insides their purses and bags. It’s an awesome snapshot into someone’s life without a person blatantly revealing too much and I think it fulfills a certain curiosity a lot of us have.

I don’t change bags too often as it’s mostly based on mood. I find with frequent changes, I tend to lose things or forget to move something from another purse. So I will use a bag for a while before changing it out unless an event comes around and calls for change.

Recently, I have been using this AllSaints crossbody since I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Since it’s a compact purse, I keep the essentials in it. But for the most part, whenever I do change out my purse, what you see here are the things I will always take with me when I leave the house. I like to name my purses, so say hello to Pebbles!

Wallet – duh! By Michael Kors. My mom is a sucker for sales and bought this on a whim while she was out shopping with her friends. She came home with 2 different ones and I was able to snag this one. But these photos have made me conscious of the fact that I really should downsize my wallet situation. I do prefer long wallets over short ones. And I really like how they keep your cash nice and straight. The thing is, I rarely carry cash. So currently on the lookout for some cardcases.

Phone – another duh! It’s kind of sad our lives to have become so dependent on them, but they’re pretty necessary for this day and age aren’t they? It’s an iPhone X if that wasn’t already noticeable.

Sunglasses – By Privé Riveaux. They came with this bulky case, which wouldn’t fit in any purse unless it’s a giant tote, so I carry it inside a slimmer one that came with sunglasses I own from another brand.

Mintia – A friend turned me to these while we were in Japan. During my layover, I stopped by the convenience store and grabbed 3 packs, because that’s all I could carry since I was already carrying an arm full of snacks, and this is the last one. They are hands down the best mints I’ve ever had, the tiniest, and definitely the strongest. If you ever find yourself inside a Japanese grocery store, buy them!

Pouch – The red-based paint splattered pouch is by a Japanese brand I am very fond of called Cloudy. I am a sucker for pouches and really wanted something when I was able to catch one of their pop-up shops (they are currently an online-only shop) the last time I was in Japan. The contents of this pouch are as follows:

  • hand lotion and hand sanitizer from Nature Republic
  • foldable brush with mirror from Daiso
  • lip balm from EOS
  • contact eye drops

Randoms – the things that find their way into my purse because I throw them in there and then forget they are in there, so these differ all the time. At this certain snapshot in time they are as follows:

  • bracelets – these 2 are really old and came from my parents after their visits to the Philippines. I don’t like leaving the house without some kind of accessory. Bracelets are my go-to and these have become something of a staple part of any outfit.
  • earrings – bought these constellation earrings in Japan at one of their accessories stores. They are the most darling things I’ve ever seen that I knew I couldn’t leave without them.

This wraps it up! I’m surprised there wasn’t at least 3 lipsticks inside my purse at this time because usually there are and I forget they’re in there. Obviously, if I were carrying a bigger bag I’d be holding a lot more stuff, but that will come another day!

What are some of the essentials you carry in your purse?


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  • ALYSSA , Direct link to comment

    Whenever I carry a bigger bag, I definitely will include my planner and a water bottle. Water is so necessary for summer! Thank you for sharing and for stopping by!

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