I’m back! & Fall 2018 Wishlist

Hi everyone!

I’m back with a version 2.5 of nine-threezero. As you can see I’ve I’m now self-hosted and I can see why so many people go this route the first time around since you have a lot more freedom on things. So I hope to keep up with regular content and have put together some of my highly coveted items for the fall season!

Fall is here! Well maybe, not so much here in Southern California because I wore a tank top the other day, but for the rest of the country, I know you’re already embracing the sweater weather. Mine are still in storage but should be coming out of there as soon as I start packing for an upcoming trip!

Fall in this part of the country is different than anywhere else, so some of you will look at this list and say to yourself “that’s horrible for fall!”. Keep in mind this time of year it’s cold in the mornings and evenings, but things warm up in the afternoon. I pretty much will wear all my summer gear with a jacket and call it a day.

PHILLIP LIM | long shirred skirt – It’s the color that will bring in all that jazz for fall! I’m unconventional when it comes to any season and know that this will take me through all 4!

MANSUR GAVRIEL | circle crossbody – I recently saw this in person after seeing it all over social media and I can say that I’m in love. I’ve always been drawn to vintage looks and this definitely caught my eye. The leather is a lot softer than I originally thought and it’s absolutely luscious. Plus that red color is sure to pop!

TARGET | belted blazer – I just love the cut of this piece. It’s not your typical blazer and I think the belt at the waist will nicely flatter anyone’s figure.

PETITE STUDIO NYC | Hazel dress – I found this brand on Instagram and I fell in love with their focus on petite clothing. I was drawn to that sweetheart neckline and the darling print.

MICHAEL KORS | glasses – So I’m really due to get a new pair of glasses soon and while waiting for my sister to do something at the mall, I walked into the eye glasses store and tried these on and these are the ones I want lol.

EVERLANE | Day boot – Everlane’s whole company philosophy for transparency instantly makes them one of my favorites and this day boot has been raved about in a lot of places making me wish for it!

TOPSHOP | oversized denim jacket – I’m probably one of the only people on the planet who doesn’t own a denim jacket. So this piece is constantly on my wishlists and probably will be until I actually do get one for myself.

What fall styles are you guys crushing on?


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