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Oxford Dictionary defines influence as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. The word influencer alone has been thrown out there a lot with the rise of social media. But today, you’ll find my own personal list of people who have had an influence on not only my character and behavior but the way I dress as well. I find each one both inspiring and aspiring. They challenge my style and push me to try new things and therefore help me create different narratives in my fashion lifestyle. They also ground me into creating a style that works for my own lifestyle and help me to stay true to who I am. I fear this list may become a series because there are so many parts of life that influence my style.

Emma Watson

She has been my number one girl crush forever, but I definitely started taking note of her style around the premiere of the Goblet of Fire time. First, she was my hair inspiration since she has a loaded head of hair just like mine. But her style has grown into this effortless style I adore to no other. She can do no wrong for any event and I find myself wanting to completely emulate her classic-casual style.



If you know me, you have had to start this post knowing they would be on this list. But sometimes I equate them to my secret life, which my cousin says I have, so maybe people wouldn’t have expected a Japanese man group to be on this list of people who inspire Alyssa’s style. But here they are. I love them as people, singers, actors, and they wear the most wicked pieces sometimes and half the time I am fawning over what they are wearing as opposed to what is actually happening on screen. They influence my buying behavior in terms of colors, silhouettes, and cuts, but also specific pieces. They expose me to different brands and allow me to research new designers and other styles.

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Mizuhara Kiko

She’s my wild child of style. Kiko is adventurous and quirky and her style can be all over the place, but put an elegant chiffon number by Rodarte and she is the most graceful human being in the room. I’ve seen her do interviews on Japanese television and she has the most adorable personality, a little bubbly, but so humble at the same time. Her style influences me in a way that it makes me want to rock the quirkiest pieces and be done with it! I do know she’s brought a bit of the sneaker look back into my wardrobe.


Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim is probably my favorite human being on the planet. If you don’t follow him on Instagram, you should because he’s not only a fabulous designer but such an inspirational human being. He’s so calm and full of this serenity I don’t see anywhere else. His style is one that I would love to rock if I were male. It is deeply rooted in Asian cultures yet with a modern twist of traditional structure mixed in rich colors but also muted tones. He influences the way I dress because it’s a strong advocate for dressing for yourself. He helps me stay true to who I am through style.


This list is one of those constantly changing, but I know I can depend on the ones I listed above for that constant inspiration and influence.

Who or what influences the way you dress?


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