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I’ve put together some of my savvy (or maybe not so savvy) tips on dressing as a petite. While of course not all of these tips will work for every single petite gal out there, these are for sure to help and you can tailor them to your own particular figure. These are different thoughts I’ve had dressing where I realized “hey I look good!” and I’m sure they’ll be of use to someone out there who is having trouble figuring things out as a petite because it’s hard out there!

Proportions are everything

Pick one stand-out piece and play off of it. If you really want to flatter your figure balance is key. Wearing some flared pants? Pair it with a fitted top. Those voluminous sleeves? A skinny jean will create a stylish proportion. This also goes for prints. While I love me some of those maximalist prints, you can elongate your figure by sticking to one.

Embrace the length: maxis and minis can be your friend

Believe me when I say maxis can streamline a look and make you look taller and definitely be sure to wear some kind of heel underneath. Key advice here is to not let the bottom hem go up past your ankles and of course don’t let it drag too much onto the floor. Anything at or above the knee creates the illusion of longer legs as well. It’s an eye thing!

V-necks are your friend

A busty gal, I welcome any v-neck I can find because it is another feature to elongate the figure. The V-shape opens up your shortened torso to draw the eye down and tells the eye that torso is longer than it seems.

When it doubt choose black

Black is always a safe bet when you’re at a loss of what to wear. The monochrome look will create a single entity of you. If you’re not feeling the black, pick a color top and pick the same color bottom!

Choose high rise

High rise over low rise is the way to go when you’re petite. Where low rise will shorten the leg and torso to completely cut your height, high rise will draw out your figure and accentuate the streamlined silhouette.

Peplums forever

Peplums cinch at the most flattering part of the waist, draws the eye to the bust (hey-o!), and creates another slimming effect as it flares out from the waist. If you have no curves, this will help give you some structure and shape as well!

Did I help? Do you think otherwise? Let me know in a comment below!


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