Travel Diary: Japan November 2018 [Part 2]

Hello! Welcome to Part 2 of my Travel Diary: Japan November 2018. You can take a look at Part 1 here!

I dedicated this part to the breathtaking digital art museum, teamLab Borderless. This amazing place caught my eye right after their official opening in summer 2018 and it became a must-see after one of my favorite people, Miyake Ken, did a photo shoot there in October 2018. I’d experience some digital art museums when I went to Singapore, but teamLab Borderless is a whole 10,000 square meters dedicated to it.

A visit to teamLab Borderless aims to create the experience of a boundless world by immersing you in blend of art and technology. teamLab has similar museums around Tokyo, but this is the biggest one and their first permanent location. A few tips if you’re headed over there:

Buy tickets online
– You can only buy tickets ahead of time and online. Don’t fear, there is an English option on their website. Your ticket will be a QR code emailed to you 24 hours before your ticketed day.
Plan ahead
– The lines can get very long. They open at 10am and while we arrived around 9:15am, the line was already wrapped around the corner. But I find Japan is very efficient when it comes to queuing so it moves pretty quick.
Be aware of crowds
– Despite it being 3 months since my visit, I hear this place still gets pretty packed. And all those photos you see of people solo in their photos, they are either lucky or end up going right before they close because there are crowds EVERYWHERE.
Download the app
– It’s so easy to get lost inside this place with the very dim lighting and the fact that they’ve designed it to be a borderless experience, so I would suggest downloading the app so you can figure things out. It’s also easy to overlook different rooms and of course one would want to get the most out of their visit, right?

Okay, on to the photos!

The experience here was mesmerizing and I completely recommend it to anyone headed to Tokyo. I find the rest of the country is just barely catching on to digital art museums. I’m not sure I would visit this particular one again, because while it’s beautiful, once is enough. They do have a teamLab Plants version that I would love to check out on my next visit though!

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